Gregg H. Mosson Speaks at the Recent Seminar: Advanced Custody and Support Issues in Maryland

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In October 2022, Gregg. H. Mosson, Esq. was one of the featured speakers at the "Advanced Custody and Support Issues in Maryland Seminar," a day long seminar organized and hosted by the National Business Institute (NBI). 

Mosson spoke about factors that Maryland courts use to decide custody cases, and when someone seeks to modify already-issued, custody orders.  Later that afternoon, he talked about the recent clarifying precedent known as Breona C. v. Rodney D., Slip Op. 0299 (Md. Ct. Spec. Nov. 7, 2021), which impacts the contempt enforcement of court orders through the civil petition process.

The NBI seminar is useful for domestic legal professionals involved with the Court system, or transitioning in.  It's available now online (linked here).

Mosson was honored to be a featured speaker among so many leading lights.

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