Legal Consultations and Investigations

On Legal Consultations:

Generally, Mr. Mosson requires that any potential client meet for a one-time, paid legal consultation first, before any representation can commence.  This information is required for any lawsuit, often permits a more informed approach, and often leads to discussion of legal and non-legal options you may not have considered. 


Mr. Mosson does this to ensure (1) he can help, that (2) the representation is appropriate and (3) feasible economically; and (4) he can advise the client on his or her legal and non-legal options. Mr. Mosson’s approach to the law is holistic and mindful.

These hour-long consultations are priced according to the complexity of the matter, the resources needed to evaluate the problems presented, as well as the needs of the person involved. A legal consultation is not a promise of representation. During it, Mr. Mosson provides legal advice as well as helps people consider and explore their options and what has happened.

For a sample Consultation Agreement that describes a legal consultation, and further information about a legal consultation, click and read here

More About Investigations:

In complex civil and employment matters, Mr. Mosson may recommend an extended investigation and /or extended consultation, so the matter can be investigated before advising on how best to proceed before court or with the government.

This usually is a flat fee basis, and may include production of a memorandum of legal analysis for the client, and/or interviewing of witnesses and analyzing other documents, to consider before further proceeding.  Some matters Mr. Mosson has handled with investigation include:

(1) claim by a family about a denial of a pension decades ago that may have involved racial discrimination;

(2) claim by an adult heir who sought to ensure his inheritance received as a child was accurate, including as to properties in and out of state;

(3) termination and other disciplinary events of corrections officers and/or police officers within Maryland;

(4) allegations of defamation in Howard County, Maryland, which included filing a report with a local governmental agency; and

(5) termination of a Baltimore County employee that included a workplace investigation, interviewing of witnesses, and rendering of a legal opinion about the legality and/or lack thereof of the termination.

When considering the time and economic investment of a lawsuit, Mr. Mosson may or may not recommend an extended consultation first, or recommend issuing a demand in writing for settlement first, along with an investigation to develop the legal claim. It depends.

Further on occasion, Mr. Mosson represents a small business in Baltimore County, Maryland, or nearby to help them handle employment matters and workplace investigations. His investigations include documented procedure and practices to ensure proven legal compliance and best practices.

Any extended consultation or investigation will require a mutually signed legal services agreement first.

Disclaimer -- This Website by Mosson Law, LLC, Is Not Legal Advice:

The information at is intended to be generally helpful and informative. However, it is not provided as legal advice to anyone's case at court, specific circumstances, or legal issues. Legal advice under Maryland common law and U.S. federal law is specific to the "facts" at hand. In summary, this Website does not offer legal advice.

Policy Regarding Representation of Clients and Initial Contact:

It is the official policy of Mosson Law, LLC, and Gregg H. Mosson, Esq., to provide legal representation only after a person has completed and signed a written legal services agreement (LSA) and it has been mutually signed by the Attorney. Further, Mosson Law, LLC, almost always requires a Legal Consultation first, which is memorialized by signed consultation agreement. Contacting Mosson Law, LLC, and/or Gregg H. Mosson, Esq., does not create an attorney-client relationship. A phone call with someone at Mosson Law, LLC, before any Legal Consultation or Representation, is for query purposes only and to see if this firm can help. No legal advice shall be provided except via Representation or Legal Consultation, with each memorialized in writing.

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