Child Custody, Divorce & Family Law Attorney (Towson, Maryland)

Mr. Mosson represents family members navigating the complexities of separation, custody, divorce, and alimony. The separation of a couple is a delicate matter. Mr. Mosson’s approach is a cooperative one to resolve separation issues while helping his clients achieve the desired new outcomes.

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However, Mr. Mosson also has trial and litigation experience. He is prepared to fight for you.

Mr. Mosson handles many family matters by one-time consultation, out-of-court negotiations, as well as by limited-scope representation for matters along the way.

A limited scope representation might involve helping someone handle only a settlement conference, protective order hearing, drafting a separation agreement, for instance; or a parenting plan, marital-property-settlement agreement; or handle some other specific legal event.

When matters are not easily resolvable, Mr. Mosson can fight. He has represented his clients through multi-day custody trials in Baltimore County and Anne Arundel County Circuit Courts.

If children are involved, the resolution must be viewed in terms of what is in the best interest of the child, under Maryland law. While this typically includes a parent's judgment of the best interest, it also corresponds with how a Court shall approach any custody dispute.

Without doubt, the law holds that a child’s best interest involves less conflict during divorce when possible. Mr. Mosson seeks to help clients achieve that important goal

Mr. Mosson’s approach is holistic and mindful. The best first step in any family matter is to arrange a consultation. He welcomes the opportunity to help.

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