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Mr. Mosson focuses on representing employees in claims of illegal discrimination, illegal retaliation, disability rights violations, wrongful terminations, and when seeking owed wages. He represents people seeking Social Security disability benefits, and also, represents family members navigating the complexities of seperation, divorce, custody, alimony, martial asset and retirement distribution disputes.

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  • Fourth Circuit Orders Trial for Long-Term Employee Subject to Invasive Medical Testing

    In EEOC v. McLeod, the federal Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the dismissal below and held that a 28-year veteran employee with long-term medical concerns stated a claim of disability discrimination ripe for trial when she fell at work and suddenly was subject to medical-testing.  She had been performing her job with the same condition for decades.  By way of testing, she was declared unfit and fired.  No. 17-2335 (4th Cir. Jan. 31, 2019) (scheduled for publication). Here, a veteran corporate newsletter writer suffered from a bone-related disability since birth.  It made her balance and strength in her lower body,…


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