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At Mosson Law, LLC, the first meeting between an attorney and prospective client is a legal consultation.  These are being handled remotely for the most part, and you can conduct a legal consultation by phone from your home.  Zoom also is possible.  They are conducted at a charge.

What Is a Legal Consultation? 
A legal consultation is a meeting conducted with an attorney to assess your situation and provide you with options and legal advice. These meetings also include a review of relevant documents, such as employment contracts, custody orders, union contracts, grievance procedures, severance proposal agreements, and other key letters, emails, or text messages.

An employment dispute often involves complex interpersonal interactions, and it does not lend itself to an easy yes or no answer, most often.   Legal consultations can help you:

  • understand your situation from a legal perspective;
  • identify legal issues and rights across a spectrum of applicable laws;
  • help identify legal and non-legal options for you;
  • help identify and consider possible next steps and best next steps.

The main purpose of a legal consultation is to help you understand the legal and practical framework for your best next steps.

They can be done by Zoom as well, and typically are done by phone.  Mosson Law has found them as effective remotely as before the pandemic began and it was always done at the office.  A legal consultation is a first step.

Knowledge is power.  If you don’t understand your options, you will not be able to achieve favorable results.

At Mosson Law, LLC, we firmly believe that legal consultations are essential.

Benefits of Legal Consultations with Mosson Law, LLC:
Being represented by an attorney without an understanding of the matter at hand is unwise.

During the consultation, Gregg Mosson, Esq., does his best to educate you about the whole case, and any legal right that can help you.

Some people choose to hire attorneys "ASAP."  Doing this is a big mistake as neither party will know what they are really getting into. As a result, when you reach out to Mosson Law, LLC, for legal assistance, we require a legal consultation before any representation.

How does a legal consultation work?
Generally, Mr. Mosson, our employment and family law attorney, requires that you meet with him for a one-time legal consultation before any representation can commence. Legal consultations are conducted on a fee basis.

Mr. Mosson does this to ensure that:

1. He can help
2. The representation is appropriate
3. Feasible in nature
4. He can advise the client on their legal and non-legal options.

Mr. Mosson’s approach to the law is holistic, mindful, and considerate, especially when it comes to the financial capacity of clients. Our hour-long consultations are priced according to the complexity of the legal matter, the resources needed to evaluate problems, the documents required to be reviewed, and the needs of the person involved. A legal consultation is not a promise of representation. During a consultation, Mr. Mosson will simply provide you with legal advice.

As we mentioned, legal consultations are priced according to the work involved. The price will be stated in advance before anything is scheduled for your review and it will be a fixed price.

Our remote Consultation Services:
The best way is to schedule and coordinate your consultation needs with us is to email us in advance by using our contact form here

Besides email, you can even give us all call at (443) 226-0601 for more information about our services.

If you’d like to learn more about our remote consultations, feel free to reach out to Mosson Law, LLC

Our founder and experienced attorney, Mr. Mosson, focuses on representing employees in claims of illegal discrimination, illegal retaliation, disability rights violations, severance negotiations, wrongful terminations, FMLA violations, and when seeking owed commissions, bonuses, and wages. He represents family members as well who are navigating the complexities of separation, divorce, custody, child support, and alimony. He also serves people seeking disability benefits from Social Security and through the private insurance market. His experience and knowledge in these areas of the law are vast and helpful to the clients he represents.

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