Gregg H. Mosson Featured in NBI Course, "Complex Divorce Settlement Strategies"

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This year, I was invited to speak for an hour by the National Business Institute on settlement tactics in difficult custody and divorce situations for their course, "Complex Divorce Settlement Strategies" (NBI, Course No. 91264SVDM,, 2021). 

The NBI class went forward live via Internet broadcast in October 2021.  It is now available for viewing via online demand (linked here).

I gave the 1pm presentation among some outstanding colleagues who handled the heavy lifting across the rest of the day.  My presentation is titled, "Countering Dirty Negotiating Tactics and Pushing Beyond an Impasse," and essentially involves how to handle high-conflict legal disputes, to steer and navigate them toward necessary communication, maybe dialogue, maybe settlement, and maybe just partial or temporary settlement, along the way.

A good compromise saves everyone time, money, and worry.  It often creates a better, more thoughtful outcome than can be done in a time-limited trial, especially in the context of divorce and custody, but also across the board in civil disputes.  However, not every matter can be negotiated.  Sometimes, a dispute requires a trial on the merits and decision by an objective fact-finder.

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