Maryland's Economy Is Growing, and Federal Unemployment Benefits End in September

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Maryland announces that the state's unemployment rate reached 6% in July 2021.  The state also added jobs to the economy.  See "Press Release," Md. Dept. of Labor (Aug. 20, 2021), linked here.

Maryland also says federal unemployment benefit supplements sunset and end after Sept. 4, 2021. 

This includes the federal supplement of unemployment benefits to those normally ineligible for these benefits because of self-employment and the like, and also extended regular benefits for those who have run out of typically provided 24 weeks and the like.  See "Subject: Federal Pandemic Programs Expire Sept. 4, 2021," Md. Dept. of Labor, Electronic Newsletter (Aug. 23, 2021).

Overall, the economy is improving.  Maryland's unemployment rate, officially speaking, was 7.6% a year ago, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  It is now is 6%, as mentioned above. 

Other states were hit harder by the pandemic.  New York reported unemployment at 16.1% in July 2020, for instance.  The Bureau has created an easy to use unemployment data map, available via link here, from which these 2020 statistics are derived.

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