Mosson Law Helps County Employee Win Federal Court Judgment

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The U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland entered a Judgment in Favor of Plaintiff on allegations of a racially hostile work environment at the County's Eastern Sanitary Landfill during 2013 and beforehand, as well as on retaliation, because when the employee being harassed spoke up, he was moved from the job that he performed well to elsewhere and unfamiliar and odd. 

The Court entered Judgment against Baltimore County and in favor of Mr. Gwynn on July 2, 2020, in Gwynn v. Baltimore County, Md., Civ. No. 20-CV-00015-SAG, Judgment at Docket No. 11 (D. Md. filed Jan. 3, 2020). 

Mr. Gwynn showed courageous tenacity in his pursuit of workplace justice: from December 2013 complaint to the County, to finding the right advocate to help him take it to federal investigators and then federal court; and all the meanwhile, never giving up and always pushing forward. 

The victory was the result of over three years worth of work by Mosson Law.  I myself began working on the matter, and investigating facts, documents, and interviewing, in Fall 2016, to seed and develop this accomplished justice. 

The Baltimore Sun covered the story when we first filed, and today covered the reported Judgment: "Baltimore County Pays Man $30,000 who alleged boss at landfill used racial slurs," Phil Davis, (online July 16, 2020).

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