What Makes Mosson Law, LLC Stand Out

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About Mosson Law, LLC

I’m Gregg H. Mosson, an experienced attorney in Towson, Maryland. I focus on the legal areas of employment, family law, divorce, and custody, and I began my own law practice in March 2018.

In such a short space of time, I’ve conducted five multiple-day trials, which includes four custody trials, and one jury trial in the field of civil litigation. Besides, I have held numerous evidentiary and motions hearings related to employee rights.  I regularly conduct administrative hearings and correspondence with the government on behalf of my clients.

My employee rights services cover discrimination, retaliation, disability rights (ADA), FMLA rights, owed wages, and on occasion, workplace wrongs that violate Maryland common law and Maryland tort law.

I generally practice in Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Anne Arundel County, Hartford County, and Carroll County.  I practice regularly in state and federal courts in Maryland.

The Mosson Law, LLC Difference

I tackle issues that seem unsolvable by combining creative problem-solving with litigation procedures that seek justice. I’ve also helped many people settle disputes outside of court through mediation.

Despite problems looming large and insurmountable, I’m proud to have negotiated on behalf of my clients to achieve optimal solutions that work, through legal analysis and court representation.  Sometimes, compromising on matters of lesser importance can get what you really need.

What sets me apart is my legal acumen, which I’ve acquired through real-world experiences. I’ve been an adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Baltimore, teaching the Introduction to Advocacy course to first-year law students from 2018-2020.

I’ve also authored two academic law-review articles and several Maryland publications in the fields of Maryland common law and civil procedure. Another significant achievement has been being named by Super Lawyers Magazine as a “Rising Star” in Plaintiff’s employment law for four years running. 

Going forward, my vision is to continue with the same momentum in handling my clients’ matters.

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 You can visit my website too at www.mossonlaw.com. Thank you.