Five Tips To Help You Get Maximum Benefit From A Legal Consultation

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A legal consultation is the initial meeting you have with your lawyer before you and the attorney decide to proceed with your case together. During your consultation, the legal expert will evaluate your situation and determine whether he or she can take up your case.

Many professional lawyers will not predict the outcome of your case at the consultation. A consultation often lasts 1/2 hour to 1.5 hours. However, a lawyer can during a consultation evaluate your case, assess what legal remedies apply, assess what more information is needed, and recommend best next steps and options.

To make the most out of the advice you receive during your first consultation with an attorney before you start paying the legal fees, it’s essential to prepare yourself and gather all the essentials for your case. This will avoid unnecessary back and forth visits (and expenses). It will also help you make smart decisions about the case you’re pursuing. To ensure you are prepared, Mosson Law, LLC has listed five tips to help you get the maximum benefit from a legal consultation.

Tip #1: Set up a consultation.

Many people facing a divorce, employment problem, custody dispute flare-up, or seemingly “wrongful” termination, seek legal help, but may not know all of their options.

Legal consultations compared to legal representation are inexpensive, and help people and attorneys effectively assess your choices and the next steps available before moving forward.

Tip #2: Bring your documents.

It seems simple, but if you have an important document like a termination letter, prior custody documents, or a critical email, bring it so that the attorney can review it and offer advice.

Tip #3: Make a list.

List out all the things you’d like to know from the lawyer. You could probably write down five to ten questions in advance. It is not mandatory as a legal consultation typically involves conversation, like a meeting. However, a list of questions may help you remember the things you want to know from your attorney. Besides, even if you make a list, be open to new questions and learning new things.

For instance, at Mosson Law, LLC, numerous people bring in cases related to workplace terminations, and sometimes they may also be involved in a workplace accident. Unfortunately, they don’t bring up the latter as they are unaware of the process of seeking help for an on-the-job injury through the Maryland Workers’ Compensation process.

So, it's important to be ready to learn about multiple legal avenues that can help, as well as what you expect. This is a great benefit of a legal consultation.

Tip #4: Be open to non-court solutions.

The court process more often than not takes time. For instance, sometimes a flare-up in a co-parenting relationship concerning custody may have more than one legal solution, and also non-legal solutions. When examining a legal “problem,” remember to look at the legal “goal” or “goals.”

Tip #5: Know if it is an emergency.

Is it an “Emergency” or a “Wrongful Termination?” The law uses “emergency” in custody situations as well as “wrongful termination” under Maryland common law in very specific ways. Whatever your situation is, a legal consultation should provide advice on the framework of how Maryland and U.S. law (if applicable) considers the dispute or problem. This is another reason why Mosson Law recommends a legal consultation before taking legal action.

To consult with a top employment and family law attorney in Towson, MD, reach out to Mosson Law, LLC. We take a mindful approach to the practice of law and aim to provide clients with strategic and holistic advice during the legal process, so they are aware and prepared.

Mosson Law represents those with employment, family, or civil and litigation matters, and also provides services to individuals seeking Social Security disability benefits. We even offer a one-time legal consultation before any representation.

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