Author: Gregg Mosson |

Relentless Lawyer Who Fights For His Client the ‘’Mad Dog Mattis’’ For Employment Law It took me about 10 months to find a lawyer to take my case because I did not have the money to pay upfront. When I called Mr. Mosson, he showed little interest about payment and said bring me everything you have and I will tell you if you have a case. He was very professional and we went through the case with me thoroughly. When working with him you have to get all your facts straight and be able to articulate the events for him to have a good understanding of your case. I called him the Mad Dog Mattis for a reason. He does not play; he is not one of those lawyers seeking to get your money. If he does not see fit he tells you straight up and he is not afraid to take on big companies. In my case it was him (Mr. Mosson) against three corporate lawyers and he won the case. At some point during our meeting I was thinking if he was working for the employer, he grilled me but now I believe that is how he gets the facts out of you and makes a good representation for you at court. Over the year he will argue the case for me and write some legal brief and when I read it, it was incredible and I will tell him I never knew I could bring up these different charges against my employer. Also, I thought I knew the law because I have a degree in Criminal Justice but I learned a lot from working with Mr. Mosson. He explained to me in great details about every step, legal theory, processes and how the court system works. This is the kind of lawyer you want working on you case; he has the knowledge and experience. He knows how to spot out promising legal issues and he is relentless. He is good at what he does and he will use his increasingly formidable legal skills to fight on your behave.